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It’s good to see the media is finally getting it. Not so long ago, The Record started offering content online finally. I also read semi-regularly The Windsor Star. I like being able to read local news online. I’ve never been a newspaper subscriber. My work gets The Record as well as the Toronto Star so I can read it here when I want to, usually, although I admit I often don’t (because I spend my breaks at my desk and not in the lunch room).
Even though The Record is new to providing access to their articles, they have (at least) one advantage over the Windsor Star – cost. It’ll only cost me $2.95/month to subscribe online to The Record, but $9.99/mo to subscribe to the Windsor Star. Hmm. Considering that there are so many news sources out there that some of the articles “locked” are available elsewhere for free, I think $10 is a bit too much. I don’t think $3 is too much though and I think tonight I’ll go ahead and subscribe to my local paper online.

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