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What are the odds that a cataloguer would have a sneezing fit while cataloguing a book on allergies?

Considering the cataloguer sneezes once a day or less but has a sneezing fit maybe once a week and catalogues an average of 20 books a day, and on average one out of every several hundred books are on the topic of allergies, therefore… Okay, so my math skills aren’t advanced enough to figure this out; or I’m just too bored to think.

Allergies are classed at 616.97, while sneezing is classed at 612.2 (under respiration). Do you say “Bless you”? LCSH “Blessing and cursing” isn’t mapped to any one spot, but probably fits under 240 somewhere. Although sneeze responses are generally a social convention and may fit better under etiquette (395).

I’m not sure where to class the little cloth wipes that we use to dust off our desks and computers (though I need to go find them so I can de-dust my area).

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