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All Frankie, All day

Frankie Manning is one of those people, you know, the ones that have done spectacular things and should be a household name, but aren’t.

Frankie is a 91 year-old man, one of the originators of Lindy Hop (Swing). He was there at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem where all the happening dancers and big bands went.

This weekend he’s coming to Toronto. This morning he appeared on City TV’s Breakfast television (or so I was told), and right about now he should be speaking with Jazz FM 91 and I would be listening except that my work computer doesn’t seem to want to play nice with the radio station (o.k., I’m not supposed to be using streaming audio anyway).

Tonight though, I’ll get my chance to see the living legend himself. I’ll be heading over to the T Dot for a workshop taught by Frankie and his son Chazz Young. I will get to enjoy a weekend filled with learning swing and jazz moves from Frankie and Chazz and tomorrow night I’m sure the dance will rock!

How is this library related? It’s not :p Although, Frankie does have a name authority (he has performed in and choreographed many films)! Also, as mentioned before, there are several information professionals who like to dance; it seems swing dance attracts many “geek” like people (enough to have t-shirts), and well, despite our radical ideas and subversiveness, we are a little geeky aren’t we?

I imagine works on Frankie would be classed under 793.3/3092 (Ballroom dancing with the standard subdivision for persons).


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