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Éructation and Météorisme

No, no, this post won’t actually be about Éructation and Météorisme, just the joy of looking up those terms.
Work hasn’t been the most thrilling thing the last few weeks, though it’s getting a lot better (telling my supervisor I was bored really helped). So when I discover that I only have the headings for Belching (Éructation) and Hiccups (Hoquet), I realize I have to go searching for Flatulence too! The RVM heading for that is, of course, Météorisme. Now looking from just an anglophone perspective, don’t the French words just fit perfectly? I mean, just say Éructation; it’s hard not to feel like you’re about belch one out. And isn’t flatulence just like a little meteor of its own, leaving a trail of destruction in it’s path?

Why did I need these terms? To catalogue a children’s book of course!
Rots, Pets et Petits Bruits de Angèle Delaunois.

(Yeah, well I’ve never claimed to be very couth.)


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