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Prevent the Library of Congress From Abandoning the Creation of Series Authority Records

Prevent the Library of Congress From Abandoning the Creation of Series Authority Records Petition

This has been going around and my supervisor passed it on to everyone in the department. So far it has nearly 3000 signatures from library folk around the world. I haven’t signed it, yet, since I’m of the belief that e-petitions aren’t really useful except to make the signors feel good. I might sign it anyway. I should be more passionate about this because series authorities really do make life easier for me, or they would if LC handled French series which they rarely do. Have I told you how much I hate series? Yes, I have, I’m certain of it. Series complicate everything, especially the ones that have two or more series and subseries. Yuck.

[OT: I was playing around with my template and deleted the comments thingy and haven’t figured out yet how to get it back – and no it’s not a settings thing, it’s the template. I want my own domain and set up a new blog there, but I’m not sure how to do this; feel free to email me because y’all are smarter than me.]


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