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This post is off-topic, but I just had to share. Some people really aren’t cut out to be city dwellers. An acquaintance who lives in a big U.S. city posted this recently:

“I park and walked toward my building stopping at the bottom of the steps and look up the stairs, and sure enough there is a person there, I’m still not sure who it is or what they’re doing there, and I’m a bit freaked out, what do I do you ask ? I called my boyfriend and he stayed on the phone while I stepped over the (very smelly) homeless man, let myself into my apartment and locked up everything.

So then I started thinking maybe I should bring him a blanket and food and stuff… which I didn’t then, but this morning he was still there, so I left him a bottle of water and a muffin.”

I’m not even sure how to react to this, I mean, it’s cute and caring that she feeds the homeless, but sad that she’s afraid of the homeless and sad that he’s sleeping on her stoop and the whole situation just shouldn’t be. Anyway, I just assumed most Big City dwellers would be immune to homelessness and just ignore anyone on their stoop as if he/she was just some sort of porch ornament.


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