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Council officially kills Centre Block library plan

THERECORD.COM: Council officially kills Centre Block library plan

“City councillors unanimously voted yesterday to officially kill the idea of building a new main library on the Centre Block”

Boo, I say. A library smack dab in downtown is what I want. It is currently downtown, but being on the main street would’ve been better. At least they still are working on expanding the current location (how? Maybe take over the Police station? There’s no room!) or building on another site. I suppose more branch libraries would be a good thing too. Branch libraries don’t seem to be a big deal around here, with KPL only having four branches, and Waterloo PL only has one! Branch libraries (in Windsor) served a very important role in my childhood development. It was a special treat when we went to the downtown library, and even then we really didn’t go much until we were older (10ish).

BTW, has anyone noticed there really isn’t any programming for 20-somethings at libraries? What about us? Sure, we’re supposed to be in the time of our lives when we build families and careers, but, um, some us aren’t really building anything (except obsessions with swing dancing – or is that just me?).

I think I need a t-shirt: Bored@YourLibrary. (Okay, book club isn’t that bad, but not currently holding my attention)


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4 thoughts on “Council officially kills Centre Block library plan

  1. I think you have a good campaign there. Get out and promote it. Did I mention there was a young woman speaking at CLA who had written a chapter in a library-related book called “if you won’t let me play, i won’t pay” about the difficulty of getting involved in library associations. I think we have a serious problem here, if people our age are not being encouraged to use the library. It’s as though once you leave school, you fall off the edge of the earth.

    On the subject of branch libraries – you’ve seen where i live. I’ve never even been to the main Ottawa library. If there hadn’t been one in my town, I would never have gotten into using libraries.

    Posted by Devon | 6 Jul 2006, 12:42 PM
  2. LOL, you are hilarious. I like Bored@YourLibrary but maybe you have to put “Bored” in the dewey numbers so the librarians get the hint.

    Posted by Monique | 8 Jul 2006, 12:25 AM
  3. What kind of programs? Suggestions?

    Posted by Stinky | 8 Jul 2006, 11:43 AM
  4. I need a T-shirt that says, “Boring you @ Your Library,” since I am one of the people bringing programs to the library. I’m with Stinky (not literally). What suggestions do you have?

    Posted by fahrenheit451moderator | 13 Jul 2006, 1:08 AM

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