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A co-worker just called me over to his desk, showed me a site and complained that it was never updated. So this is for him :p

This past week I was in Calgary. It was Stampede, y’know! It was also my first time ever traveling west and I really enjoyed it.

If you’re ever going to Calgary, here’s a few points of interest:
The Calgary Zoo – yay animals! We got to see the keeper talking about tigers and cats and tell us the reason domestic cats basically come in one size (small)is because if they were any bigger they’d eat us.

Stampede! – I know all of you are going to be disappointed (as was I) when I say I didn’t actually go to the rodeo (but their news coverage is quite extensive). I have friends that are against animal cruelty and for them, that includes the rodeo. I did however get to go the stampede grounds and see the exhibits (got pooed on by a cow – ok, just a little splash); buy stuff (I’m wearing my stampede t-shirt today); and watch some really awesome Native dancing.

See some country show – with admission to the Stampede, there’s an evening concert. The day we went, the Corb Lund band was playing. I felt a little weird being an Ontarian in a sea of Albertans. Corb Lund was actually pretty good and we were going to wait to buy his cd and get an autograph, but the line wasn’t moving and we had to take public transit back to our host’s place, so we left.

Take the C-train – okay so this isn’t really a point-of-interest, but following the concert my friend and I had to get back to our other friend’s home. So we took the C-train and then had to transfer to a bus, ‘cept all the damn one-ways in Downtown Calgary mean the bus route isn’t exactly the same going as coming, so we had to walk three blocks or so. And, this is the fun part, while walking we got to see a real live mugging! (alright, just a purse-snatching.) They do say Calgarians are friendly! Fortunately it was actually a failed attempt and all the guys managed to do was rip the lady’s purse and dump it all over the street. Of course this freaked my friend out quite a bit who was even more freaked when some drunk guy walked by me and tried to grab my butt. Eventually she was scared sh*tless of a sprinkler system coming on (it gurgled) resulting in a huge scream (scaring the daylight outta me) followed by a fit of laughter.

Things I wanted to do, but didn’t: Calgary Tower, Glenbow Museum, Kensigton road shopping.

We also did a day trip to Banff on Friday. Checked out the view, took the gondola ride and went to the hot springs. Mmmm, hot springs.

So that’s part of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks. Now back to cataloguing!

Dewey for Calgary would be 971.23/38 (history) or 917.123/38 (geography or travel) [I think, feel free to correct me]

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One thought on “Yeehaw!

  1. Purse-snatching? Butt-grabbing? Sprinklers attacking! Sounds dangerous!

    Posted by Stinky | 19 Jul 2006, 5:09 PM

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