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Downtown safe, ha!

THERECORD.COM | INSIDER | Drugs, hookers plague park: “More lighting and police action are needed for a section of Victoria Park to control drug dealing and prostitution, residents say.”

The safety of downtown Kitchener is a pretty hot topic; one that we discussed animatedly at our librarian social last night. I have a couple co-workers who won’t walk downtown at all alone – no matter the time. And I’m not talking about the park, just downtown at all. A co-worker who is originally from Chicago even said she doesn’t feel safe walking from a dance studio to her car; she used to work with downtown youth and would see the 15-yr-olds not just mugged, but beaten for their recent purchases.

I’m just so fed up, I want to start my own vigilante group. Armed with a cell phone and, um, that’s it since it seems even “dog repellant” would be illegal if used against a human. Nice to know there’s no way to protect yourself other than staying at home, eh? (Not that homes are really any safer). So another libararian volunteered and we’re now co-captains of our Kitchener Militia. Hehe! No, it’s not for real, it would be nice though. The regional police website shows incidences of crime for every 2 week period, but they don’t include “violent” crimes. Still, there seems to be way too much in the downtown core.

What really gets me is the fact that soooooo many of these people that think downtown kitchener is so horrible, feel ABSOLUTELY safe in Waterloo!! Yeah, like a few blocks really makes all that difference! Crime can happen anywhere, even in your neighbourhood with all your neatly manicured lawns and happy garden gnomes.

Sometimes I think saying “Boo” would scare some of these people!

I really think we need another “take back the night” type event. People need to feel empowered before they can try to help change the perception of downtown.


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One thought on “Downtown safe, ha!

  1. It’s sad to think how that is “just how downtowns” are made.
    Families who can afford to, live in the ‘burbs where they feel safer.

    On a side note, how safe is it really when we live in a city were a person admits to beating another person based on race/creed/sexual orientation and they get a 12 month sentence, and they get out in 6 months, if they do “community service (ie. stay home)”?

    Posted by Stinky | 28 Jul 2006, 5:35 PM

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