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Can’t clean now, I’m on the internet

Globe and mail: Heavy Internet users fall down on social, household tasks

“Canadians who spend more than an hour a day on the Internet devote less time to socializing with their spouses and children and less time doing household chores, according to a study released by Statistics Canada on Wednesday”

Surprise! You didn’t really think that if a person spends time online, that means it takes away from time doing other things (like cleaning?)!?

It’s true, I’d much rather spend an hour or two online than 20 minutes cleaning. I hate cleaning. It was a life skill my parents were never able to teach me (not that they’re any good at cleaning either – in fact they both have despicable households). I’m not too bad though (I did just host 6 guests in my tiny apartment for a weekend, and they didn’t seem too disappointed that I’m not a clean-freak).

I guess I’m just lucky I have no spouse or kids to worry about not spending enough time with!

Oh and this quote is good too: “People who surf the Web reported having less stress than those who did not, and they also tend to read more books.”

Stress? What’s that? (okay, yes I’m kidding, this year has been more stressful for me than any other…Yes even worse than my MLIS, though there’s no reason for it)

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4 thoughts on “Can’t clean now, I’m on the internet

  1. Why are you so stressed?


    Posted by Anonymous | 3 Aug 2006, 6:38 PM
  2. well, I think I’m over it now…but the usual stressors were getting to me earlier this year: work, money, etc. Things that I normally don’t let bother were really agravating me.

    I’m much better now that I’ve used up all my vacation time 🙂

    Posted by Jen | 3 Aug 2006, 10:42 PM
  3. I’m not overly cleaning crazy myself. I do Swiffer my living room every other day and I did just buy a dirt devil stick vacuum to do the wood floors and the kitchen. It helps keep the cat hair and tracked cat litter at bay. I try to do the dishes every day but, you know sometimes I don’t… 🙂 I have friends who are not happy if things are not spotless, I’ve never been like that.

    Posted by UninvitedWriter | 8 Aug 2006, 8:45 PM
  4. I spend a lot of time surfing but I made up for it by READING a book on how to clean. Guilt free now. House still dirty. Hmm!

    Posted by fahrenheit451moderator | 13 Aug 2006, 4:27 AM

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