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It should come with a warning label

I am now under the belief that Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden should come with a warning label. Something to the effect:

Warning! Do not read while travelling on the bus! May cause reader to lose her/hisself in the story! May suck reader in so that he/she misses the desired busstop and travels to the end of the route (since getting off earlier would only put the reader in unknown territory) where the bus does not turn around but changes route thereby requiring the reader to stay on till the reader reaches the mall where the reader can transfer to a fourth bus (well, 5th if counting route numbers) of the morning to ensure arrival at final destination approximately one hour later than planned.

Or, am I the only one who needs that label? *sigh* Only 100 pages to go!


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2 thoughts on “It should come with a warning label

  1. Did you really miss your stop?


    Posted by Anonymous | 11 Aug 2006, 3:09 PM
  2. all of the above really happened..if I got off I would’ve been at work around 9:20, instead I strolled in around 10:15.

    silly thing is, I’m pretty sure there was a guy on the bus who probably got off at my stop, or within the next 2 and I still didn’t notice!

    Posted by Jen | 11 Aug 2006, 3:18 PM

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