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Multidisciplinary the way to go…

I just visited a cool site for an Ontarian university.

Can you not help but laugh a little at that? Yale shmale! :p

Anyway, I hadn’t noticed before that Lakehead actually had an Orillia campus, so I checked it out. They offer an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science. A multidisciplinary program!

Features Multidisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences, Humanities, Science, and Environmental Studies. […]
Providing a solid background in both Arts and Science, the HBASc is an ideal pre-professional degree program

OMG, I think that’s great! I would’ve sooo loved to have taken a degree like that. I was so math and science in highschool, but then did all languages and some history in uni. Sure I did a double major – but in two arts disciplines. I’ve thought for a while now that people tend to categorize themselves too stringently when it comes to education; one is either in arts, or science, or engineering. It’s like the stereotype that people who like languages hate math, or vice versa (or substitute other misconception).

Anyway, I think some students who return to having more of an interdisciplinary education will benefit in the future. I’m still working though A Whole New Mind, but I think this is the same type of deal: it’s time to start thinking and using all of our brain. Studying different areas in education “works” different parts of our brain (or so I suppose), so if someone exercises her whole mind, she’ll be better for it (or he)!

I mean, great minds like Descartes are both studied in literature and math courses because he is known as a philosopher and mathematician. So really, maybe there’s room for some folks to go back to multidisciplinary learning.


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