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Might as well Smile

I went to the Drayton Festival Theatre last night to see the show, “Twist and Shout: The British Invasion – Music that rocked the world”.

It was stupendous. My friends got front row tickets so it was fun sitting up there. You know how singers/actors on occasion pick people to sing to? Well, I got to be sung to by the fellow immitating a young Mick Jagger, singing Let’s spend the night together. At one point, well actually three points, “Donovan” singing Mellow Yellow stumbled across the front row; looked like he was going to fall into my friend’s lap at one point! It certainly was enjoyable watching all the guys sing such great tunes from the 60s, and the ladies were phenomenal as well. The costuming was great – makes me wish I could swing dancers wore vintage 60s instead of 30s/40s attire.

I really enjoyed the show – it was hard to stay in my seat and not get up to dance. I think it was my first time seeing a show like that; I really don’t get to the theatre much at all, though I’d like to.


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