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I need to learn not to lend

I always seem to lend books at inopportune times. A few weeks ago, I lent Three Day Road to a friend. I haven’t seen that friend in a while, so I emailed her last week, maybe a week and a half ago now, that the author was coming to town so I’d need my book back to get it signed (I had warned her of this when I gave it to her).

I just noticed her on Gmail so I started to chat her up to see if she wants to come with me to see the author, or if not, if she’s going to our usual hang-out tomorrow. Negative to both. So, I guess I won’t be getting my book signed 😦

I believe the last time I lent a book out, it was never returned and I had to buy a new one. When will I learn not to lend books?


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An instructor, a reader, a dog-owner, and advocate; that's how I define myself and these aspects directly impact my interests and conversations.


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