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What in the HELL could they have to BLOG about??

I mentioned to a ‘reader’ earlier today that my blog has *gasp* 50 subscribers via Bloglines and that it had actually been linked to and/or mentioned by others. The following is a link to a post that asks, “What in the HELL could they have to BLOG about??”. (“They” being “librarians”.)

I was too lazy to register to post a comment, though when I first read it I had planned on going back, but never got around to it. I particularly like the comments about the Diary of a Subversive Librarian (i.e Random Access Mazar).

So, what in the hell do librarians have to blog about? Hmmm, good question. Let me think on it some more.


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An instructor, a reader, a dog-owner, and advocate; that's how I define myself and these aspects directly impact my interests and conversations.


3 thoughts on “What in the HELL could they have to BLOG about??

  1. As librarians are human, I would presume we/they discuss the same things as other humans. I think the proper response to someone who questions what librarians have to talk about would be – what the hell do YOU have to blog about?

    Posted by Devon | 29 Nov 2006, 1:01 AM
  2. 🙂 That’s what I was thinking.

    Posted by Jen | 29 Nov 2006, 6:40 PM
  3. that was FUNNY! 🙂

    Wait! Aren’t them libareans just there to shush and give people “dirty looks”? Oh, yeah, and like, to stamp books?

    Posted by Stinky | 30 Nov 2006, 6:55 PM

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