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Scholarships and Subsidies to OLA Super Conference

Every year I see that there are various scholarships or subsidies available to librarians/library workers to go to the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference.

There’s the Brodart/OLA Scholarship for first-timers (1 available); the Brodart/OLA Scholarship for First Nations librarians (2 available); the Brodart/OLA Scholarship for first-timer techical services librarian/worker (1); and the YBP/OLA Scholarship for Academic librarian/worker (2). (see the above link for detailed criteria/application info)

In addition, the OLA also offers those under/un-employed librarians, students and First Nations librarians a discount on attendance. Low income earners pay just $100 for the whole conference; other groups pay as little as $20/day.

The first time I went to OLA I had just graduated from my MLIS and was unemployed (though I had a coffee meeting at OLA to finalize a job offer), so I went for the whole conference pretty cheap. I had a great time, it got me involved, and I learned a lot!

If you haven’t registered yet, you’ve missed the early-bird discounts; however, those of you who’ve never attended a Super Conference before still get the early bird prices! We want you to come, and I know you want to come too!

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