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In the deep end

I started my new position at a college library last week. It’s a library technician position, but really, I see no difference in what a library tech here does as what librarians do at other libraries. I’m essentially a subject liaison for business, journalism, marketing and a bunch of other areas which requires me to present information literacy sessions to classes. I may at some point be involved in collection development for those subjects as well.

Another responsibility of mine is to update and maintain the library website. It’s currently in a horrific state. An Information Literacy Consultant was also hired at the same time as me and he is assisting with the redesign as well (since he will be creating some online tutorials) so that helps with my work, but it’s still a really big job. Since it’s the start of a new term though, I have several IL sessions scheduled that I need to work on so the website isn’t as high a priority (it’s been this bad for awhile, a couple more weeks won’t hurt).

In addition I also have reference desk shifts – usually 4 hrs or so a day, but because I’m new I’m technically supposed to hang out at the desk all day so I can just overhear everything going on. I’m really quite proud when I’m able to answer a ref question all on my own (like the fellow who wanted a Spanish-English dictionary related to woodworking – who knew that existed!).

Ooh, this blog post was just interupted for a question. The student gave me a “free hug coupon” for helping her; it’s reusable too! Now I just have to decide who gets the hug.

So, lots of learning going on; I’m going to have an information overdose soon. I need to redeem that hug coupon and fast!

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