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I’m a loser

I just got the news that I didn’t get elected to OLITA council and yes, I’m disappointed. I think there was a mix-up yet again with my membership because I didn’t even get election information so I have no idea what the other candidates’ profiles look like and I didn’t get to vote at all. Not that my vote would’ve mattered much but I would’ve liked to have known who I was up against. (Sometimes I get OLITA emails, sometimes I don’t).
Oh well, I’m still new to the profession so I’m sure there will be a lot more opportunity in the future. It’s nice to not have any volunteer obligations, though I know it wouldn’t take much to suck me back in. The other good point is that since I won’t be ”tied” to OLITA/OLA, after my current contract is done I could broaden my job search to a much larger area (not that I don’t like Ontario, but I’m still young enough that it’s easy to move around and explore). If I was on council, I’d likely only search for local prospects.

OLA Super Conference is only a week away! Lots of great speakers are coming to Toronto. I’m glad there are three program planners for OLITA this year because I hope to do a bit less running than I did last year!

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