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OLA Super Conference

Staff are already setting up in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Librarians from all over Ontario are making their way to Toronto. Tonight, the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference begins!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get today off work, so I’m not able to join my co-planners in Toronto to help them stuff bags and get things ready. I do plan to catch the Greyhound after work though, so I should be able to at least make part of the opening plenary speaker, Cory Doctorow. I really don’t want to miss him!

Reading my feeds today I realized I hadn’t actually sat down to figure out what my own schedule will be when I saw that other’s had. As a planner, I have to check in on sessions to make sure everything is going okay and that everyone is where they’re supposed to be. For instance, last year a convenor never showed up, so I had to stand in last minute. That means I really don’t get to sit in on too many sessions, but usually I’m able to slip into a few. This year OLITA has three conference planners, so there’s fewer sessions I have to check which means more time to get to a session I want to see!

This year I’ll also be convening two sessions both on Friday, February 2nd:

  • 9:05 am Session #1111 Contribute to the Collective Collection, Comrade. Ross Singer.
  • 3:45 pm Session #1412 ILS, The Next Generation. Karen Calhoun

I’m hoping my throat lasts and that I don’t develop a cough. Yes, I’m sick. Illness always picks the best time to attack, doesn’t it?

In addition to the above sessions, I’ll also be at the Super Conference welcome party tonight and the FIMS alum reception tomorrow at Armadillo’s Texas Grill. If you see me running around, feel free to stop me and say HI! (But don’t get too close – my germs my like you better!)


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One thought on “OLA Super Conference

  1. Hi Jen. Good luck with your sessions. Maybe I will run into you there!

    Posted by John M | 31 Jan 2007, 9:31 PM

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