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Changing landscape?

The OLA theme this year is ‘Solutions in a changing landscape’. Well, the MTCC sure looks the same, and many of the folks here too, but the vibe is different. Maybe it’s the free wine (sponsored by CVS and Whitehots).

So I made it here but was only able to listen to the last 10 mintues or so of Cory’s talk. That’s a bummer. Oh well, that’s the way things go.

I did of course make it to the Welcome party (wine!). I first ran into Sharron Smith – my favourite Reader’s Advisory librarian. After catching up (I don’t think I’ve seen her since December book club), I kept running into people and we decided I am just that popular. And I feel that way too since I keep banging into people that know me (even if I don’t know them). I met Rebecca finally, and I talked to Darlene Fichter who is always a barrel of laughs. There were many others I barely got to say “hi” to as we mingled through the crowd. By 11 pm it really thinned out and, as we danced (kind of), Darlene suggested it was only extroverts left – I’m still undecided if I’m introvert or extrovert; I always thought I was introvert, now I’m not so sure.

I found one of my co-planners, but not the other. Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early to help at the registration counter and then check on all the sessions. I should’ve gone to bed a while ago, but hey, I’m usually up this late Wednesdays anyway!


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