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And it goes on….

Today I attended two sessions, the two I convened: session #1111 with Ross Singer on “Communicat” and #1412 with Karen Calhoun on the Next Gen ILS. I didn’t quite ‘get’ Ross’ session at first, but now I think it’s starting to filter through my brain. Karen’s was quite interesting. I have thoughts on them both, but I’m so tired, that I’m going to hold off till I’m more awake so that I can at least try to make sense of it all, especially since if I do understand them, they kind of had opposite goals.

I attended the OLITA AGM and award presentation. I’m now on OLITA council for a year. That’s going to be fun! As always, I learn as much outside of the formal programming as I do in the sessions because librarians just know sooo much! Even though I feel I don’t always have much to offer, it’s great to listen in on all the great conversations happening and to hear what other folks are doing out in libaryland. I have to admit, I also like it when strangers know my name 🙂 Yeah, there’s been a few people this conference that have come up and they know me, but I don’t know them.

Oh, so to follow up, Stephen Abram walked by today and actually stopped and gave me a little hug just to make sure there was no misunderstanding yesterday 😀 I hope that last post didn’t make him sound angry because he wasn’t in the least; I just felt silly not being able to help him.

I totally missed the all-conference reception. I’m a little disappointed, especially when I see the librarians walking around with glowing bands, but I had a great time eating dinner with a couple friends instead.

And, I think I’ve started my own new tradition: meeting FIMS students! Last year I met Jason Hammond at OLA. This year I met two other MLIS students. It’s great to see students really coming out and taking an interest in OLA and what we do, or at least wanting to know more about the field; I met these two at the AGM. Then again, maybe the students are just learning where to get the free alcohol!?! Oh and speaking of students, I hear there were a group of four students up from Kent State volunteering this year! I think it’s pretty awesome when the American students hear about OLA and decide to take a 5 hour road trip!

I’m still not good at the expo thing. Overall, I’ve gotten three signed books, a compact mirror, a calendar and a few sticky notepads. I just don’t collect a lot of stuff! I was disappointed that one author’s book went so fast it was gone in seven minutes! Seven! Oh well, maybe next year I’ll get something nifty.

Alrighty, tomorrow is another day and I want to hit a few more sessions. OLITA’s spotlight session is at 9am; our top tech trends panel. It’s always a popular one and this year we have some great panelists! (Amanda Etches-Johnson, John Blyberg, Michael Stephens). Sean Cullen had to cancel for personal reasons so the lunch speaker is going to be a surprise for everyone. I really wonder if they were able to find someone as good on such short notice.


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