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On council

I’m not sure if I actually clearly stated before that I am indeed on OLITA council for this year. I was told last Wednesday night by Paul Takala (OLITA past president) at the OLA opening reception that I was indeed going to be on council because one councillor was stepping up to be VP.

One of OLITA’s big projects is the Digital Odyssey. At the OLITA AGM the dates for the Digital Odyssey were mentioned, but I didn’t write them down (I think it’s around April 20th this year). I haven’t attend a DO yet, but I really wanted to last year. Hopefully I can manage things this year to go. My new boss seems pretty supportive and congratulated me on making council. (My old boss was supportive too.)

I just have to say one thing that irks me. Dating blogs – as in Digital Odyssey 2006, or Super conference 2007. If it was me, I’d just make a Digital Odyssey Blog, or Super Conference blog, no years attached, because I just see the information flowing from one year to the next and, heck, I’m lazy (don’t like clicking around from one blog to another). Tags would be good enough to differentiate the years, right? Am I missing something? Why is it everyone else sets everything up by year?


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2 thoughts on “On council

  1. Because … one year onwards, the past has become irrelevant. Things are moving that quickly.

    Posted by Gord Ripley | 4 Apr 2007, 12:09 PM
  2. then why bother setting something up to last at all?

    In fact, because things become irrelevant that’s all the more reason to make things continuous rather than 1-shot deals – so that the conversation can continue rather than stagnate.

    Posted by jennifer | 4 Apr 2007, 1:39 PM

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