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Facebook groups: memorize your library card?

I was just surfing around on Facebook to see what other librarians are up to and saw a friend of mine joined the group: “dude, I’ve TOTALLY memorized my library card number” under the “just for fun” category. It seems a couple students from UWaterloo started it and it’s “For all of you nerds who spend so much time taking out books/journal articles that you have memorized your library card number… only join if you have ACTUALLY memorized it though!!”

Unfortunately, I don’t have my library card number memorized so I guess I shouldn’t join the group. I suppose this would be a good group for a Waterloo librarian to join since the library users are already there! (Most of the group members are from Waterloo).


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One thought on “Facebook groups: memorize your library card?

  1. Not only do I know my library card number but the 2 main librarians at my branch of the local library know it too.
    Do I qualify to join?

    Posted by Anonymous | 18 Feb 2007, 3:37 AM

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