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I Challenge You!

The folks at Pelham Library have posted a challenge for Freedom To Read week in Canada. They are challenging readers to set a goal of banned or challenged books to be read by June 30th, 2007. I’ve only set a goal of 10 for myself. Do you think you can you beat me? Any suggestions for really good banned books to read?

As “Freedom to Read Week” approaches, we are once again rolling out our Banned Book Club. This year, we are sending out the challenge to all readers worldwide to Take the Banned Book Challenge. Set a goal. Read. Tell us about your book and let us know how you did. There will be weekly (I hope) updates on the web page ( http://www.pelhamlibrary.blogspot.com).

Just so you aren’t alone in this, I have invited a number of “banned” authors to join us. So far Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries and others), Maryrose Wood (Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall In Love), and Canadian author Deborah Ellis (Three Wishes, Looking for X and many others) have agreed to meet the challenge.

For details and for the signup and reporting form go to http://pelhamlibrary.blogspot.com/2007/02/take-banned-book-challenge.html.

Feel free to pass this message to other book lovers.


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