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Library tour schedule for the ‘HPDH’ Knight Bus tour

Scholastic announces library tour schedule for the ‘HPDH’ Knight Bus tour

Scholastic, the U.S. publisher of the Harry Potter books, announced this morning the schedule for the 37 library tour schedule for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Knight Bus Tour.

Check out the full list of libraries on the Scholastic site. It looks like it bypasses Michigan which is a shame because I’ll be in Ann Arbor the weekend of June 22-24 (when the bus is scheduled to be in Cleveland then Chicago). It would’ve been cool to check out the bus and leave a video message!

I still haven’t pre-ordered my book. Now that I don’t work for a library vendor, I just don’t know what to do! I wonder if any stores around here will have a midnight party thingy; I’ve never gone to one of those.

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One thought on “Library tour schedule for the ‘HPDH’ Knight Bus tour

  1. I did the midnight party for book 6. It’s mostly for the kids, but it was kinda cool. Because we pre-ordered, we got a bracelet to ID us, and got our books quickly. We snuck to the back of the store so we could read the first chapter before facing the long drive home. I still need to pre-order for this time. I think this time I might even dress up – a lot people were last time, there was even a Lucius Malfoy. Just to say I did, you know?

    Posted by Devon | 12 Apr 2007, 1:20 AM

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