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Going against Instinct

So, I managed to discard 40 or so books from the HF section of my library. I’m happy. I wish I could’ve done more though since now we have inventory so I still have to count them all anyway. Weeding is a very slow process, a lot slower than I had expected. Part of the reason is my inability to just run reports (e.g. I can’t just get a list of all books pre-1990 in my areas) because that all has to be done through the consortia and costs lots of money. Instead, I have to tediously go through and create my own list. Anyway, I’ll keep working on it. I did end up keeping about a dozen of the old books because they really do seem to be ‘classics’.

I’ve also been weeding at home. I’m moving in, well not quite sure, but sometime before the end of the month. I started packing my books last night. I managed to weed out a collection of 11 fiction paperbacks that I brought into work as donations for our small fiction collection. There’s also about 12 nonfiction books or hardcover fiction that I don’t want; I’ll probably see if a used bookstore wants them, if not, off to Goodwill they go. I’m really quite proud that I managed to find 20 books I’m willing to part with. Most of them I hadn’t read (like 3 Atwood novels). I also have a pile of maybes. One of my coworkers/friends is probably coming by Sunday to help me go through my mess, so she’ll probably get me to get rid of some more books. See, I’m moving from a basement apt into a house with friends; I’ll have 1 bedroom for all my stuff, hence the need to cutback on my stuff.


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