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Is your town "Harry"?

Did you read the press release yesterday about Amazon.ca‘s search for the “Harry”-est town? You can check the Amazon site for the list of the top 100 towns. Neither Kitchener nor Waterloo have made the list, but Guelph did (#27). Windsor didn’t make it either, but London made it in at #79. Three provinces are missing from the list: Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba and P.E.I. Are folks from NL just not into Harry? or, does Amazon not ship there? Perhaps there aren’t many towns above 5000 inhabitants (one of the stipulations of this ‘contest’). Maybe that’s the same issue with P.E.I. and Manitoba.
Maybe they all just like to purchase through Chapters instead of Amazon. Right now Amazon is selling it for $1.80 less.
As you can see, my HP spirit is on its way up again, most evident to those who see me today wearing my HP t-shirt (you know, the one I got for $2 from the boy’s section of a Salvation Army thrift store).
I should call Chapters to see if they’re going to have a midnight party.


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