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Review: Otogi Zoshi (volume 1)

I received a copy of volume one of Otogi Zoshi in the mail from Tangognat from her last giveaway. I finished reading it on the bus this morning on my way to work. Good thing I take the express and didn’t have to think about getting off the bus!
The story is set in 10th Century Japan, when there’s a lot of battling between the court and bandits, etc. Hikaru is a noble but like many girls is more interested in learning swordplay than thinking about marriage. She used to be close to her older brother, but now he goes off battling bandits, leaving her behind and doesn’t tell her anything whenever he is home. Anyway, she gets into some mischief and eventually gets herself kidnapped.
I like stories that have an older brother and younger sister thing going on since that’s what I have (one older brother, who happens to live in Japan, but I doubt he gets into many sword battles – though now that I think of it, he used to fence). And of course the tomboy aspect is great; What girl wouldn’t prefer some swordplay over marriage?
According to the Chapters site the second volume is in stock, so I might have to make it out there tomorrow to pick that up and see what happens!


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One thought on “Review: Otogi Zoshi (volume 1)

  1. You have an amazing sense of comic timing…Also, you have your finger squarely on the pulse of today’s warrior noble bandit fighting chica: swordfighting is fun!

    Posted by Dora | 20 Apr 2007, 6:32 PM

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