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Waterloo-Wellington blogstravaganza and book launch

It looks like there’s some interesting stuff going on this weekend at WPL and around with some local bloggers and writers. Too bad I’ll be in Columbus. I received the following email:

The Waterloo-Wellington blogstravaganza and book launch is just around
the corner — this Saturday, in fact, and you are all invited.

The gathering starts at the launch party for myself and my wife as we
unveil our two latest books — my own young adult fantasy entitled
“Fathom Five” and Erin’s “The Mongoose Diaries”, a literary journal of
her pregnancy and our daughter’s first year. This event takes place at
the Waterloo Public Library main branch at 35 Albert Street at 2 p.m.
this Saturday. It is free and everybody is welcome. More information can
be found here:


Afterward, around 4 p.m., we’ll head over to the Red Lion pub at the
Heuther Hotel, just two blocks away at King and Dorset, one block south
of Bridgeport, near the Princess Theatre. There, you can enjoy some fine
beers, excellent pub grub, and some good conversation from a wide swath
of the Waterloo-Wellington blogging community.

At least, that’s the plan. The only way we can succeed is if you come
out. So I hope you’ll make it, and will mention this event on your blogs
before this Saturday. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you all.

All the best,
James Bow

The Unwritten Books – http://www.unwrittenbooks.ca/
Erin’s website – http://www.vividpieces.net/


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