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Doing things Right

Historic Ypsi
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This weekend I was in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. Unfortunately I didn’t actually make it to any libraries to check em out, especially since Ann Arbor District Library has been written and talked about so much, but I did talk libraries at least! One local mentioned how patrons could actually checkout art from the library! Now that’s one I hadn’t heard before. She said it was perfect for students who need something to dress up their walls but really don’t have money to invest in such luxuries! How cool is that, that every couple months you could change the art pieces in your home?

I was talking to another woman too who is a grad student at MSU and she mentioned that she really liked MeLCat, the Michigan eLibrary which works like a union catalog for the state. She said the service through it was great; wait times for ILL were really short as opposed to say when she was in undergrad (in a different state). When the patron finds an item she wants, she just clicks on “Get this for me!” and then selects her home library! Easy as pie! Actually easier than pie – have you ever tried to make pastry!?


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One thought on “Doing things Right

  1. we have art to check out at our library too. some of it is creepy, other bits look really pricey & I can’t believe we circ them. We just had about 8 pieces reframed, as they are used so often.


    Posted by WDL | 21 Jul 2007, 12:44 PM

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