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Smokin’ hot dancing!

I know I announced a while ago that Waterloo Region’s OBOC book this year is Smoke by Elizabeth Ruth. I’m looking forward to seeing the author speak again (she came to the Kitchener book club last year), but also to the other events the local libraries are planning. Ruth will have readings in the area between September 25th and 27th.

KPL has several sessions in September that deal with different aspects brought out by the book or that are related to the era that it depicts: music and dancing, prohibition and fedoras. Of course I’d like to point out the one on dance on Tuesday, September 11 at 7:00 pm. The Waterbloo Swing Crew will be discussing swing and jive as well as giving a couple dance demonstrations. I’m excited to see how my friends in the crew do; after all, I was the one a KPL librarian asked for a referral for dancers who might be able to do something like this and I’d hate to disappoint. I know the organizer for the dancers is excited; He just got back from a month-long dance camp in Sweden and is getting everyone in shape for the performance!


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One thought on “Smokin’ hot dancing!

  1. Smoke is a great novel. Having come from Southwestern tobacco roots myself, I really appreciated the setting. What a twist though. Me, I never saw it coming. Enjoy. John

    Posted by John | 18 Aug 2007, 8:50 PM

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