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Interview Jitters

As you likely don’t remember, my current position is/was contract till the end of this month. The college I work for has posted it now as full-time permanent, as well as a new Information Literacy Consultant position. I applied for both and will be interviewed for both at the same time (I guess HR doesn’t want to interview me twice).
The IL one is a librarian position, my current one is a reference position, but ‘Library Technician’. I’d prefer the IL position but I also know I have a lot of competition for that one, and less for the LT one.
I remember after I interviewed for this position a coworker mentioned how she heard I actually didn’t interview well; that I didn’t sell myself at all. Eek! Knowing that my boss along with two coworkers will be on the hiring committee actually doesn’t calm me at all. I do want what’s best for this library, and so I understand if they hire someone else for the IL position, yet I can’t help but also want it for myself.
So, I’ve returned to the site that seems to have the best information on interviewing for librarians: Lisjobs.com. Hopefully I’ll pick up a few things – I still hate that darn “strengths and weaknesses” question that every interviewer seems to ask. I think the fact that I’ve been presenting to a lot of classes lately has helped since it has made me more comfortable in front of a group. Well, time to get back to reference work!


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2 thoughts on “Interview Jitters

  1. Good luck on your interviews, Jen!

    Posted by John Miedema | 18 Oct 2007, 8:21 PM
  2. Just remember that you do have a lot to offer! If you take the time to decide which of your valuable characteristics you want to showcase, you will be comfortable showing these people what you’ve got!
    Have you considered doing a practice interview with a friend?


    Posted by Anonymous | 18 Oct 2007, 9:43 PM

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