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Stats are fun: Halloween by the numbers!

I thought it would be fun to pass along this site I dug up (ok, my boss sent it to me). I’ve been really busy preparing for a class on market research, playing with Industry Canada, StatCan and other fun statistical type sites, I almost missed out on the fun stats that StatCan put out!

Every year Statistics Canada pull together some fun, interesting, weird, and morbid stats related to a Halloween theme. This year’s are at:

Personally, I’m a little worried that there are only 37 wood coffin producers, down from 73 in 2001! I mean, with our aging population and all! :-p

Speaking of which, the breakdown of causes of death is a little creepy – I must remember to be careful about bumping into people!
One of the less morbid headings “Places in Canada that will give you the Creeps” provides a list of some great place names – who wants to visit Devil’s Gate or Coffin Cove?

Thanks to the 2,850 farms with pumpkin patches in Canada in 2001, we’re able to enjoy fresh pumpkin (the pumpkin pies I made at Thanksgiving weren’t THAT bad, just needed more spice!) and carve Jack-o-lantern’s to our heart’s delight.

Hope everybody is enjoying the Fall season! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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One thought on “Stats are fun: Halloween by the numbers!

  1. Check out the 2008 version of “Hallowe’en… by the numbers” at


    Posted by Anonymous | 3 Oct 2008, 6:54 PM

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