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When it rains, it pours.

I like rain. Especially during the summer when I have nowhere to be and can just walk around in it. Unfortunately, often when it rains, it does pour and that’s not so good for walking around; it makes it hard to see, and in the case of summertime, pouring rain seems to wash my flip-flops away.

My job search is like rain in some ways. I enjoy wading through the employment ads and it’s great to get calls for interviews, but sometimes they all just happen at once and it starts to get overwhelming!

The interview at the college a few weeks ago went well, but in the end I wasn’t offered the Information Literacy position; it’s going to a librarian who currently works in the public system here. The upside is that they are offering me my current position as a library technician as full-time permanent, so at least now that this contract is done, I still have a job. I do enjoy working here and get along with the staff, so really the only thing I don’t like is the title, and I suppose that’s just being snobbish. (I’d like to see that session at Super Conference – session 605 Demystifying the Technician/Librarian Dilemma in the Digital Age.)

Before my boss or I really knew what was going to happen with my contract or if the librarian position was going to be posted at all, I started to send out a few resumes to positions that interested me. Mainly I stuck with local postings, or ‘dream jobs’, and when I say few, I mean 4 or 5. Now that I have actually accepted the technician position, I have had three institutions ask me to interview! My boss does know that I applied elsewhere (heck, she’s one of my references!) and she supports me, but she really, really wants me to stay. It’s nice to be wanted. I’ve decided to go ahead and interview because I do want to at least see what is out there and what these other institutions are like, especially the one that’s a bit closer to my ‘dream’. (So, if you’re on any of the search committees interviewing me, don’t count me out!)

This means that soon I’ll be doing my first interview that involves preparing and presenting a talk for the search committee and other librarians. I’ve received the topic and been told the length; it’s actually a lot shorter than I expected. In my head I want to be the ‘cool’ librarian that can go in there and do an awesome presentation without using Powerpoint or something lame-o, but I’m sure by writing those words, it’s clear that I’m not cool. I guess I should worry first about the message I want to get across and then think about how I want to relay it.

At least I have time to think it over and get it together; unlike this week when a faculty member came in and asked me to visit her class the next day to do a 45 minute session, but that’s another story….


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