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AskON launches

From one of the OLA listservs (it was posted on them all):

askON Launches at OLA – Minister of Culture to preside

Join us and the Hon. Aileen Carroll, Minister of Culture for the
official launch of askON/ONdemande, Ontario’s real-time chat
reference service.
Thursday January 31, 2008 at 5pm at the Knowledge Ontario booth
(813/815) at the OLA Superconference.

The official launch is January 31, but the askON/ONdemande service
has been fully operational since January 7, 2008. Staff from ten
participating public
libraries and seven post-secondary institutions are staffing phase 1
of the service on a rotating schedule. In the first two weeks we have
handled over 500 information requests!

The public service, accessible from the web sites of the ten
participating libraries is open for business 40 hours per week (~10
in french) – Mon.-Thurs. 1pm-8pm and Fri.-Sun. 1pm-5pm.

The askON service for post-secondary students is accessible from the
web sites of the seven participating academic libraries 60+ hours per
week – Mon.-Thurs. 11am-10pm and Fri.-Sun. 11am-5pm.
An offline email service exists when askON is closed. Visit askon.ca
for a list of the participating libraries and links to their sites.

askON answers questions in a wide range of subjects. We will accept
questions from visitors outside the phase 1 library sites and from
visitors outside Ontario; but we may, depending on the question and
the availability of staff, refer visitors to their local library. At
this time, the marketing focus for the service will be on the
participating library communities. We anticipate being able to add
more libraries and communities for September 2008.

Learn how it all started, how you and your library can participate in
the next phase of askON, and how the askON software works at these
OLA events and programs:

Thursday January 31, 2008
10:40 am
Session 403
askON – Built to Last From the Start
Ontario Room

Friday February 1, 2008
askON Live Demo
OLA Exhibit Hall Theatre

Try askON – LIVE
See what its like to be an askON librarian
Demo the software
@askON Kiost adjacent to the OLA registration area
Main Floor, MTCC North
Various times Thursday Jan 31 and Fri Feb 1


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