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session 412: IM the Librarian – using Meebo, Skype and Unyte

session 412: IM the Librarian – Meebo, Skype-Unyte Solution
Dan Sich – UWaterloo (though soon UWO)

I’m already familiar with Meebo as reference tool so I didn’t take many notes on that. These are just random notes I made during the session (I don’t like note-taking much).

hab.la (chat box floats, multiple pages, no lst transcripts, can ‘vanish’ when offline, trouble logging into GTalk, max 5 widgets).

Dan’s blog: http://www.shushers.ca/libraridan/

Reference with Meebo
– can put chat widget on subject guide pages
– using Google calendar for scheduling
– emails from gmail/hotmail accounts are forwarded to library email
– promotion: pass it on – “tell your friends!” after successful transaction.
– UWaterloo stats pretty good around 30-100 IM questions/month; abut 4/day in March and November.

– faster than chat, free, requires install
– bandwith is bad, but Windsows registry patch available to prevent computers being used as ‘supernodes’ (?)
– put poster in student life centre, and libraries
– on website’s quick poll asked IM question and added “Did you know yo can Skype a librarian?”

– 1 way screen sharing (i.e no co-browsing)
– works with skype, meebo, etc.
-no proxy issues
– requires install on library computer
– no plug-ins req’d for user
– free option available
– used best in brief situations since patron will have to replicate actions in own window after viewing
– Only share with one patron at a time
– can be interrupted.
– screen lag depends on usual web traffic
– need to login to skype
– Do NOT use unyte option under tools in Skype (loads a different version (?))

Since October launch not a lot of use of skype/voip/unyte – 4-10 ‘Skypes’ per month
– one factor – skype not installed on public stations on campus.

spontania (active x control)
yugma (patron install req’d too)
Solomon’s VOIP world – Review of desktop sharing:

Dan’s powerpoint with links will be posted on the conference website after the conference is over.


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2 thoughts on “session 412: IM the Librarian – using Meebo, Skype and Unyte

  1. Hi Jen,
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    Posted by Connie @ Yugma | 31 Jan 2008, 7:09 PM
  2. But Meebo doesn’t provides video streaming. Skype and Yugma are good for conferencing collaborations with fewer attendees. Especially Yugma which I am still using in collaboration with my http://www.rhubcom.com conferencing appliance.Ideal thing is one don’t have to configure anything..just register and attend the meet.

    Posted by Happy | 28 Mar 2008, 5:30 AM

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