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"[insert school] Reads"?

I was just thinking and browsing the web earlier today at the end of work and had some questions I thought I’d throw out for all y’all.

So I was thinking about Canada Reads and One Book One Community. First – I’ve only found a couple Canadian places that do OBOC (Waterloo Region, Vancouver). Are there other Canadian locations that do OBOC, or something similar as well?

Also, have any college or university libraries (Canadian or American) done something like OBOC or Canada Reads? I swear I’ve heard of a couple but can’t remember where and nothing is really coming up.

I think I just answered my first question by looking at the LOC link on One book. But still it only adds Yellowknife and Medicine Hat to the list of OBOC participants in Canada. Is that it?

I think promoting leisure reading to students is important. Yeah when I was a student I barely read anything other than required books, but I did still read a bit for fun, especially on breaks and during the summer. There are so many ways (some better than others) to amuse ourselves. How many times on here have I said I don’t read much? I was dying for books two weeks ago when I moved here and had no internet and no TV. I read the only fiction book I had with me (Eye of the Crow). I’m going to try to make more of an effort to read instead of watch t.v. or waste time online, like tonight I switched it off and read a bit from Late Nights on Air. Point is, I think a “[insert school] Reads” program might be an interesting thing to try out.


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One thought on “"[insert school] Reads"?

  1. Western Reads! It’s even happening right now… http://www.londonreads.uwo.ca/2007/Western_Reads/index.htm

    Posted by Becca | 14 Mar 2008, 3:39 PM

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