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Reading habits a deal-breaker?

The essay, “It’s not you, its your books” in the NYT got me thinking maybe that’s why I can’t get a date!

I’ve been slaving away on “Late Nights on Air” for about a month now. I’m over half done now so I don’t want to give up. This though has really brought to the forefront my reading likes and dislikes. I like to read ‘smut‘ (or well, some call it that, I call it fun) and children’s books. Once in awhile I throw something else in. Basically if I can read it in 2-3 days great, if not, then I probably won’t finish it at all.

What does this say about my intellectual curiosity? My class? My educational level? (ok, actually, I really do lack class.)

I think this is related to the bookshelf discussion that’s been going on too. And for the record, I do have the top shelf reserved for photos and candles. As well, I haven’t read around half the books I own.

I admittedly am not as well-read as I’d like to be. Correction: I mean as I think others think I should be. I wasn’t an English major – so why would I have read so many of the books people think I should have? Reading during college was really limited. I was a French major so yes I read Rousseau and Molière and a slew of French Canadian authors that most people probably haven’t heard of. I really enjoyed those too.

Sure I love to curl up with a book, but that usually leads to falling asleep (even when I’m not tired).

So, if someone judges me by the books I have or haven’t read, that’s alright be me – would I really want to hang out with someone who’s such a book snob anyway? (Well, I do have friends who are book snobs, but we usually stay away from that topic of conversation).


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