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Students are sensitive about their fluffy animals

I just read this story in the G&M about the University of Victoria and the possible cull of rabbits (via Kept-Up Academic Librarian) . It reminded me of the scandal over a year ago at the University of Waterloo when the beavers were murdered, er, trapped.

I know I enjoyed going to UWO because there were so many little furry things (rabbits, chipmunks, gophers) wandering about. Often I’d find a bunny waiting at the bus stop with me. At UWindsor, squirrels are plentiful on campus; I remember at least one incident of a squirrel jumping into class through an open window.

Of course the sharing of space between humans and animals is nothing new and has created (in our human view) a lot of problems.

I think students are still getting used to the fact that life is hard, and so they need a little fluffy or furry thing to brighten up their days. Or, that’s how I feel. (I love that my new neighborhood has so many dog owners.) I hear rabbits make smelly pets though, so I’ll stick with my rats for now.


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