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Review: The Ruby Kingdom by Patricia Bow

I think I bought The Ruby Kingdom by Patricia Bow at Word on the Street. Either that or I got it at an OLA conference. It is signed so it could’ve come from either event. Bad thing is that just a few weeks ago when I got it out because I was going to start reading it, my rats decided that it was a chew toy ans so there are nibble marks on the front cover. Fortunately, they didn’t gnaw away at it too much before I stopped them and it is in completely readable form (just no longer nice enough to give to my young cousin).

I finally started it last week after Hay’s novel and could have finished it Sunday night/morning when I was on the Greyhound back to Montreal, but it was 3 am and I fell asleep, so I finished the last couple chapters tonight.

Okay, I seriously only figured out the character Mara two pages before it is revealed who she is. Some readers claim they can always see where things are going or who did what or why (especially those who read mystery and suspense), but not me. I guess I’m more of a sit back, relax and enjoy the ‘ride’ then try to run ahead and figure it all out on my own type of person.

In this story Amelia gets sent to stay with her grandmother and cousin in small town Ontario. She’s not too happy since her parents are off to live in Peru for six months and she’d rather go with them than be stuck with her nerdy cousin, Simon. There’s some ‘typical’ teenage angst going on, but what city kid wouldn’t be peeved at moving half way through the school year (story is set during Christmas break) from lovely Vancouver to some dinky town?!

Simon is a bit quiet, definitely nerdy, but my type of kid. He’s smart but realistically so. I find him to be quite likable even if Amelia doesn’t at first. His friend Ike is a funny boy and budding journalist, always running around with a digital camera.

Then there’s Mara; a girl that has mysteriously appeared in their town. She looks out of place, acts out of place, even sounds out of place. But Amelia takes a liking to her. It isn’t long before Mara’s past starts to catch up with her, and Amelia gets mixed up with it too!

Based on my new rating scheme – yes I would read another book by this author and it seems like she has turned this into a series; the second book, The Prism Blade, to be released soon. Though, again this would likely be more of a ‘rent the video’ than ‘see the movie’ type story for me. Et voilà, book 6 for my Canadian Book Challenge.


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