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One Big Library Unconference – June 27th @YorkU

Word is spreading around about the One Big Library Unconference that is being hosted by the Emerging Technologies Interest Group at York University Libraries. Info and details are up on the unconference wiki, but here’s an excerpt of what it is and its goals:

In an interconnected world, all physical and virtual libraries can really
be thought of as branches of One Big Library. We would like to get together
and explore that concept. Our areas of interest are:

  • The future of libraries
  • Collaboration on building One Big Library collections and services
  • Uses of social software in libraries
  • Tools to support and extend the One Big Library

Our goals are:

  • Bringing people interested in the future of
    libraries together with the hope of sparking collaboration and cooperation
  • Starting conversations between people in different kinds of libraries, and
    people inside and outside libraries
  • Intellectual stimulation and fun!

It sounds like a fabulous idea and I’d love to go, but I’m pretty sure work won’t let me (ah, the joys of being a limited term appointment), and I’ve already scheduled all my vacation time (because I actually would consider doing that for something this cool). I expect a full account from all the bloggers/twitterers who make it!


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One thought on “One Big Library Unconference – June 27th @YorkU

  1. Library Unconferences rock! I went to Library Camp Kansas back in March. It was great fun – for more info check out http://tinyurl.com/42ndoe

    Posted by Talking Books Librarian | 2 May 2008, 7:22 PM

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