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Sucker for an author signing

There’s something about having the opportunity to see and hear an author that appeals to me. I’m not talking about any of my favorite authors or recent reads, just any author. Really, I don’t have to have even heard of an author to be interested in going to her or his reading or book signing. Of course, that was one of the perks of going to library conferences like OLA Superconference. There’s always so many authors signings (and at the conference the books are often free). Also why I attended Word on the Street a couple times. I discovered a few authors that way.

This past Sunday I went to see David Sedaris at an Indigo store here in Montréal. I heard about the signing on Twitter and so looked it up on the store website. I’ve heard of Sedaris before, and I’ve heard about him, but I guess it was a recent post by Wil Wheaton that got me thinking that I should check out his writing (I think I may have heard him on NPR or youtube or something before).

So what else was I to do on a rainy Sunday when all my close friends are out of town? I purchased a copy of When You Are Englufed in Flames and went and stood in the already forming line and began to read it. Glad I realized he was popular enough that I got there about an hour early. Okay actually 45 minutes early since I had to eat lunch first. I’d be annoyed that it’s so cheap online compared to in store, but I still had a balance left on a gift card from my birthday six months ago so it worked out for me, plus I got it signed!

His reading was good though he admitted that he was feeling a bit rushed since he had to catch a flight back out in a few hours so he wasn’t going to be as pokey as he usually is. Since I was already in the line, I didn’t have the greatest view, though that wasn’t as annoying as the fact that I was close to the escalator and clueless customers would come up talking loudly to each other or on their phones not realizing they were interrupting anything.

After the reading and a few audience questions he got down to signing. I think I was in line for maybe a half hour or so. He gave me a newspaper doily. What’s with that? I got the sense that he does this at every signing, but does he make them himself? He drew a picture of a turtle in my book. I like turtles. When I stepped up to the desk he asked if I was Libra – no, taurus- no. He was closer with his first guess (in the sense that Libra and Aquarius are both air elements). He then asked if I was alone, saw anyone I’d want to date, saw anyone I’d sleep with for $7. Yeah, he wants to turn us all into prostitutes. During his talk he had mentioned that he advises people instead of going to do a Master’s (in English?) to spend that time as a prostitute – you’d have more money and more writing material at the end of it!


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3 thoughts on “Sucker for an author signing

  1. I’ve read some of his stuff, and I think he is a funny guy. Strange advice, though 🙂

    Posted by zydeco fish | 16 Jul 2008, 4:28 PM
  2. Do you think you’ll read his other stuff now? I regularly devour his stories, I can remember my first of his (Naked), I was laughing on the subway so hard I was crying! I think it might have involved zwarte piet (black pete), a demented remnant of my childhood…
    Anyhoo, I’m jealous!

    Posted by Elsie | 18 Jul 2008, 6:54 PM
  3. I’m still working my way through this book, but so far I’ve enjoyed the stories. I guess normally I just don’t go for short stories, but it seems to fit this style.

    Posted by Jen | 18 Jul 2008, 11:20 PM

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