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WILU 2009 Call for Papers

WILU (Workshop for Instruction in Library Use) is an annual Canadian conference that is next happening here in Montreal, May 25 to 27, 2009. The WILU 2009 website is up and the committee is looking for proposals:

Our vision for the reflections of WILU 2009 is a spectrum of sessions that will inspire and engage the information literacy community.

I have always wanted to attend a WILU. I plan on volunteering as much as I can given work, but I hope I get to attend a few of the sessions too!


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One thought on “WILU 2009 Call for Papers

  1. wilu is always a great conference! esp fun is the tradition of choosing local restaurants to go to on the Thursday evening; Montreal’s variety of restaurants will make this a fantastic perk next year! oh yeah, the sessions are also in the not-to-be-missed category; i’m rarely disappointed and usually inspired by what i see there!

    Posted by Anonymous | 11 Aug 2008, 7:12 PM

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