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LibrarianGear is back!

The news is spreading across the Internet: LibrarianGear is back! Colour me thrilled. Looking back I’m surprised I never really blogged about LG other than a passing mention.

Back when M.J. was coordinating this back at Dalhousie, the student council at FIMS worked with him to bring the shirts to our school. I was on council and remember how involved it all was. I bought two shirts: librarian definition and Dewey decimator. DD is no longer available as a design so I’m glad I still have it. The definition one has long been gone because of some stains.

A couple months ago I was talking with a co-worker about something and librarian t-shirts came up, specifically the info*bitch design. This co-worker happened to be at the School of Information Studies one day and in passing – not even in direct contact – she saw a student wearing the info*bitch shirt. That student later applied for part time work at our library. My co-worker was relieved when that student did not get the position. You might write my co-worker off as a fuddyduddy or humorless, but really I’ve learned a lot from her already, she is great to work with and open to new ideas. I tried to point out that the student was at school but she just didn’t buy that as an excuse. She was uncomfortable with the idea of a self-proclaimed bitch providing reference service. I’m just glad she’s never seen me in any of my shirts.

This isn’t to scare anyone away from buying or wearing these shirts, just raising awareness that not everyone gets it. (BTW, even being on student council, I never heard any complaints from students or faculty when we got the shirts – some admitted they weren’t their thing, but they never displayed offense.)

And, if you actually can wear t-shirts often enough to need them, check out the ones from Unshelved, and also the one cool design from Questionable Content. I’ve owned four Unshelved shirts (plus book bag), though I think I only have Library Schooled now, and yes I have the QC Library Science one.

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One thought on “LibrarianGear is back!

  1. I guess I’m glad that I didn’t wear my “less shush more lush” t-shirt before I got a job. 😉

    Particularly funny because I don’t drink.

    Posted by Laura | 15 Aug 2008, 10:53 PM

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