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Review: Burning Chrome by William Gibson

I decided to try giving science fiction a shot since I used to enjoy it a lot when I was young but lately I’ve been reading more fantasy and horror. So I checked out Burning Chrome by William Gibson from work.

Burning Chrome is a collection of short stories. I’ve mentioned before how I like short stories since they make me feel like I’m actually getting some reading done. I suppose most people have heard of “Johnny Mnemonic” which is included in this collection and I have to say I like Keanu Reeves.

I most enjoyed “The Belonging Kind,Hinterlands” and Red Star, Winter Orbit“. Those were the stories that got me thinking. Life, death, future, past, relationships, existence.

Some of the others just had too much jargon for me to read before bed, so I’d get confused or have to read extra slow. I know it’s not tough reading, but still, my tired mind can only handle so much. I didn’t enjoy much the ones that felt more “hardware” – like the technology was at the forefront.

Gibson is a successful science fiction writer, so I don’t think there really is much I can say about his writing, other than I like it and want to read more. Oh, I hear Gibson is American-Canadian so I get to count this as #2 in the Canadian Book Challenge. (Actually I read this back in October, but waited so long to blog…)


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