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Dancing for suicide awareness.

Last night I attended a dance show at Centre de créativité Gesù that was a fundraiser for Fondation André Dédé Fortin. Perhaps like me you don’t know who Dédé was. I’ve seen posters around town for a new movie, Dédé, and assumed it was the same man. It was only at intermission that I finally made the connection that Dédé was a singer with Les Colocs. He committed suicide in 2000, and I remember hearing about it since I spent a couple months in Rivère-de-Loup that summer.

The foundation aims to help prevent suicide and make aware that suicide is still a problem. They write that in Québec on average 3 to 4 people commit suicide every day. That’s a lot.

Last October I witnessed a suicide, as in I heard it occur. I happened to be laying on my couch so I didn’t actually see it, but a man jumped off the roof of my building and I heard him hit the ground and the ensuing screams from other witnesses (the superintendant’s wife was on the ground where the man landed). I’m not going to rehash the whole thing here, but suffice it to say it’s not easy to see a freshly dead person.

I didn’t go to the dance performance knowing what the fundraiser was for. A good friend of mine was performing and she said it was something about suicide awareness, but that’s all she knew. It really was great watching the dancers on stage, though being contemporary dance I can’t say I “got” it all. Some pieces were uplifting, and some were tear jerkers. Some were just weird. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable way to spend an evening raising money for a good cause.

So this post is just a reminder that you’re not alone; if you’re feeling depressed and hopeless talk to someone, anyone for starters. And if you have a hard time expressing yourself, I find dancing always helps.


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