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Now that I think about it…

I find it a bit annoying that all summer I was trying to come up for things to do, knowing that this semester was going to be particularly busy. Summer is the time to get all the nitty gritty stuff done so that the more spectacular stuff can be handled throughout the academic year, right?

I was going to try weeding a bit, but after I had problems trying to figure out how to create lists so that they worked in Millennium, I forgot to email the librarians who would’ve been able to show me how (or get someone to do it for me). So, no weeding.

I also was looking at my collection policy since the copy I have is too outdated. It doesn’t reflect the fact that German is no longer a major (only minor) and that certificate programs were added for Arabic and Chinese. I did start at least by scanning and OCRing the old one, but I really wanted to talk to the librarian in charge of collections to see what advice she has about this process and of course, being summer, we kept crossing paths.

Now, today, here I was sitting and reviewing the material I was going to go over with the new librarians (we hired a bunch on contract), when it finally occurred to me that my subject guide also totally neglects Chinese and Arabic. These programs aren’t particularly huge but I think they are gaining popularity. I do know the literature courses in them require some research since last year I did a workshop for the class doing Arabic literature (last year’s focus was on Algerian authors actually). That’s more to add to the pile!

If only I had thought of this earlier, I could have had the student librarians working on the subject guides over the summer so that they didn’t have to while away their time at the reference desk on Facebook or Flickr.


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