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Satisfying Short Stories

At the beginning of August I attended Anticipation, i.e. WorldCon 67, here in Montreal. It was the first fan convention I’ve ever attended. I volunteered a good portion of the time I was there so I didn’t hit as many sessions I may have liked, but I still had a great time.

One of the sessions I did make it too was a panel that included Hayden Trenholm, Robert J Sawyer and one or two others talking about up and coming Canadian science fiction and fantasy authors. They went through a huge list of authors that they enjoyed reading or that they worked with or edited for. I didn’t have a pen so I posted a few names on Twitter (though of course I can’t find those Tweets since they’re so old). While looking through the trade show floor I kept my eye open for some of the names and ended up buying Tesseracts 12. I hadn’t heard of the Tesseracts anthologies before, but they appear to be a great source of Canadian short stories, poetry and novellas, usually in science-fiction or fantasy though Tess 13 focused on horror fiction.

I picked up Tesseracts 12 since it had contributions from at least three authors that were mentioned at the panel: Grace Seybold, Gord Sellar and David Nickle. The seven novellas in this anthology were all very exciting to read. As I’ve written before when discussing books I read by David Sedaris and Saleema Nawaz, I really do prefer short stories. Of the novellas presented, Grace Seybold’s “Intersections” was my favourite. Her story was about a woman who had the power to help prospective lovers meet at a very deep cost. Really interesting ideas there.

I also enjoyed Nickle’s “Wylde’s Kingdom”. Well enjoy might not be the right word since I was a bit frightened, not just of the future world he created but also of some of the creatures that are featured. I’m really not an underwater kind of person. As it is I was 23 before I ever learned how to swim.

I wasn’t particularly fond of “The Story of the Woman and Her Dog” by E.L. Chen because it just seemed to take forever to get to any point, and considering it was only a novella that’s not a good thing. Despite this, overall I liked all the novellas in Tesseracts 12 but you know I’m not that hard to please.


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