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Geeking over Fashion: Montreal Girl Geek Dinner

This week I attended my second Girl Geek Dinner, although the dinner is a bit of a misnomer this time since we skipped the dinner aspect. Us Girl Geeks decided to focus on our girly sides this time around instead of our geeky sides.

We gathered at Station C to hear from Aleece Germano, President & founder of the SWAP team, to talk about that event and how successful both the Montreal and Toronto swaps were, as well as from Rachel Dhawan from Brazen Design who shared her fave local Montreal designers, places to buy local fashion, and wardrobe must-haves.

Aleece talked about swap and how their mission is to increase clothing recycling since so much does end up in landfill and since so many of us needlessly buy more and more to fill our closets. One detail I was waiting to hear about was how much clothing was donated to the Salvation Army since its being a charity event was one of the main draws for me. She told us that about 2000 items were swapped and 4000 were sent to charity – and that was just the Montreal event! It was Toronto’s first year doing this event, but they certainly were a great challenger swapping just under 2000, and donating 2000 clothing items. Aleece also had some great stories about families coming to swap, mothers and daughters spending time together, and new immigrants in search of new duds; this really is an event for all types of people: fashionistas or not! She also told us how there’s been interest in several other cities about starting SWAP events there and so they made a guide for interested folks. If you want to bring SWAP to your town, check out their page on getting involved.

Rachel talked about a few of her most favourite designers in Montreal. I liked that she took the time to say what general style the designers created and the type of bodies they may be better for. She’s posted an overview of the event as well on her blog and linked to her presentation in Slideshare. Librarians take note: Rachel says Eve Gravel’s collections have that sexy librarian look that I’m sure we’re all after. She ended her talk with wardrobe must-haves. Her statement that everyone needs at least two belts in their collection stirred some debate. Some of us curvier women often feel belts accentuate our not so hot spots, but Rachel is a curvy gal herself and insists that a belt worn at the right place will look fabulous! There was also some talk about hats: there’s a hat out there for everyone, you just need to find the right style! Of course, I’m already a hat person, but it’s good to know you can be too!


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