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Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

A day or so after I heard Catching Fire was out, I happened to be in Chapters with a coworker so I picked it up. After the first book I was just waiting for a revolution, but reading this sequel to The Hunger Games wasn’t going to satisfy that desire.

This Young Adult Sci-Fi story starts off focusing on Katniss and how she is trying to go on living in District 12 now that she’s a victor. Of course she no longer worries about getting food for her family, but that doesn’t mean life is easy. Things are tense between her and Gale and she pretty much avoids Peeta. The first half I found very slow and plodding, though of course it was necessary to understand Katniss and how she’s coping and to get a feel for how things are starting to change in the Districts.

The second part was a lot faster of course and more action packed. The 75th games are coming up and that means the President has something extra special in store. So special in fact that Katniss is going to find herself going back to the arena! She will have to come up against similar challenges as her first games, but there’s quite a few extra tricks to this game and some greater dilemmas for Katniss to face.

Overall I was pleased with the outcome of the book. It was slower than I hoped and didn’t cover as much ground as I would’ve liked, but the story is leading in a direction that I like and I will be looking forward to the last nook in this trilogy.


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